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September 22, 2009

Raman Scattering and XAFS Study of Optically Nonlinear Glasses of the TiO2-NaPO3-Na2B4O7 System

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Raman scattering and X-ray absorption studies have been performed on nonlinear optical glasses with compositions xTiO2, y NaPO3, zNa2B4O7 (y/z = 0.95/0.05 and x = 0 to 42.2% molar). A model is proposed to explain the progressive modifications of Raman and XAFS spectra with increasing x. Two different types of oxygenated sites for titanium have been identified, in which Ti is respectively six-fold and five-fold coordinated. The rate of five-fold coordinated Ti is increasing with x, and the formation of Ti-O-Ti-O-… chains with alternating short and long Ti-O distances have been evidenced for the highest concentrations of TiO2.

T. Cardinal, E. Fargin, G. Le Flem and M. Couzi
Laboratoire de Chimie du Solide (UPR 8661, CNRS), Universite de Bordeaux I, 351 Cours de La Liberation, 33405 Talence Cedex, France and Laboratoire Spectroscopie Moleculaire et Cristalline (URA 124, CNRS), Universite de Bordeaux 1, 351 Cours de La Liberation, 33405 Talence Cedex, France

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