Structure and physical properties of sodium borate glasses containing nickel oxide

A series of glass samples were prepared from a mixtures of B//2O//3, Na//2O and NiO. The role of nickel oxide in a glass matrix was studied by using infrared spectra, optical absorption, magnetic susceptibility, density, and differential thermal analysis (DTA). It was shown that the addition of nickel oxide at different concentrations to the glass batches causes some deformation in the glass structure. The values of ligand field strength and Racah parameter indicated an increasing degree of covalency. The glass samples exhibited diamagnetic behaviour with NiO content up to 1 g, then paramagnetic behaviour. The densities and glass transition temperatures decreased with increase in the NiO content up to 0.2 g and then increased again. This tendency may be related to changes in the glass structure. (Author abstract) 31 Refs.

Farouk, H. Abo-Zeid, Y.M. Khaled, M.A. Kashif, I. Sanad, A.M.