Shear modulus and compliance in the range of the dynamic glass transitionfor metallic glasses

The dynamic shear modulus and compliance of the dynamic glass transition wereinvestigated in two metallic glasses (Pd_(40)Ni_(40)P_(20) and Zr_(65)Al_(7.5)Cu_(17.5)Ni_(10).Isothermal measurements over four frequency decades enable the determination of shape parameters forthe proper glass transition. The real part of the dynamic shear compliance shows a step height ofapproximately a factor of 2.6 for Pd_(40)Ni_(40)P_(20), comparable to low molecular weight glassformers or the segmental mode as part of the glass transition in high molecular weight polymers. Thefrequency dependence of the imaginary part of the shear compliance at the high frequency side ofthe peak shows an exponent near the Andrade value of 1/3.

K. Schroter G. Wilde R. Willnecker M. Weiss K. Samwer E. Donth