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April 6, 2009

Role of AgI for ionic conduction in AgI-AgPO//3 glasses

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Using frequency and temerpautre-depenent conductivity data for x AgI · (1-x) AgPO//3 glassess in he compsoition k range form kx = 0.10 to x = 0.55, we find that the number density fo mboile ions as wel as the ionci relaxation emchanism are independent of tmeperature and compsoition. We belveve that this result si important in roder to clarify the contrversial ole f AgI for the ion transport in these glasses. Mloreover, ur observation should gerally impact on he understanding fo fast ion codncution in glass. In kthe freqency range convered in korur sudy, i. e., at freqenceis belwo a few MHz a sueprlinear dependence of the condcutivity on freqency as reproted recently has not been observed.

Roling, B. Ingram, M. D. 

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