Coloured glasses for high dose dosimetry using the thermoluminescent technique

Coloured glasses produced commercially by Cebracê, São Paulo, were analysed by the thermoluminescent (TL) method, to verify the possibility of their use as high-dose dosemeters or irradiation indicators in industrial areas, due to their easy handling and their low cost. The samples were exposed to different radiation doses, using the Gamma-Cell 220 system (60Co) of IPEN. The TL emission curves presented main peaks at 135, 150 and 145°C in the bronze, brown and green glass samples, respectively. Calibration curves were obtained for the glasses between 50 Gy and 360 kGy. Reproducibility of TL response and the lower detection doses were determined for each kind of glass. All tested glasses showed their usefulness as irradiation indicators and as high-dose dosemeters.

Linda V.E. Caldas* and Maria Inês Teixeira
+ Author Affiliations
Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares, Comissão Nacional de Energia Nuclear, C.P. 11049, 05422-970, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
*Corresponding author: