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April 6, 2009

Structure model of glasses for PbO-Bi//2O//3-B//2O//3 system containing higher B//2O//3

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The glasses of B//2O//3 contents above 50% (mole percent) in PbO- Bi//2O//3-B//2O//3 system were prepared by conventional melt quenching technology. X- ray, SEM and IR methods were used to examine the structural features of these glasses. The results of X-ray diffraction analyses showed that the glass structure contains two kinds of matted crystals that related to the mole ratios of PbO versus Bi//2O//3 and to addition contents of B//2O//3. The compositions of the matted crystals with different mole ratios of PbO versus Bi//2O//3 ranged from 80:20 to 20:80 were determined. The analyses of IR showed that the structures of glasses with different mole ratios of PbO versus Bi//2O//3 contain different boron-oxygen rings such as boroxol rings or triborate rings. A structural model based on the results above- mentioned was presented. (Author abstract) 5 Refs.

Lu, Anxian Huang, Jiwu Lu, Renwei

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