Electrical conduction of glasses in the system

Fe//2O//3-Sb//2O//3-TeO//2 glasses were prepared by the press-quenching method and their dc conductivities were measured. The glass formation region was found to be 0 less than equivalent to Fe//2O//3 less than equivalent to 15mol%, 0 less than equivalent to Sb//2O//3 less than equivalent to 18mol%, and 78 less than equivalent to TeO//2 less than 100mol%. Seebeck coefficient measurements showed that these glasses were n-type semiconductors. The glasses gave conductivities sigma ranging from 1.62 multiplied by 10** minus **6 to 1.86 10** minus **7S center dot cm** minus **1 at 473K. The dc conductivity increased with an increase in Fe//2O//3 content. Evaluated carrier mobility and concentration ranged from 7.5 multiplied by 10** minus **1**0 to 5.3 multiplied by 10** minus **3cm**2 center dot V** minus **1 center dot s** minus **1 and from 1.5 multiplied by 10**2**1 to 1.9 multiplied by 10**1**5cm** minus **3 at 473K, respectively. The conduction of these glasses was due to non-adiabatic small polaron hopping. (Author abstract) 34 Refs.

Qiu, Hong-Hua Mori, Hidetsugu Sakata, Hironobu Hirayama, Toru