Machining of silica glasses using excimer laser radiation

Various silica glasses were engraved deliberately by excimer laser radiation using wavelengths of 308 and 248 nm. The ablation of different samples was investigated by systematic variation of the processing parameters. The ablation rates were determined using profilometry and gravimetric measurements by evaluating the processing quality and the morphology of the processed surfaces was considered. The phenomenon of ablation is explained as a non-linear interaction of the laser beam and the glass. The experimental results show that the ablation behaviour of silica glass depends on the wavelength and the intensity of the laser radiation, on the surface quality and the degree of purity of the glass. Although high ablation rates were obtained, the suitability of excimer lasers for micromachining is restricted due to the rough surface morphology and poorly defined edges. (Author abstract) 18 Refs.

Hornberger, Helga Weissmann, Rudolf Lutz, Norbert