in candidate glasses for nuclear waste immobilisation. Part 2. A summary for binary alkali silicates and borates

A thermogravimetric technique was employed to measure CO//2 solubilities in binary R//2O plus SiO//2 and R//2O plus B//2O//3 melts (R equals Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs). CO//2 solubilities can be interpreted by taking account of the free energy changes for the reaction, R//2O plus CO//2 equals R//2CO//3 and the activity coefficients of R//2O and R//2CO//3 in R//2O plus R//2CO//3 plus SiO//2 and R//2O plus R//2CO//3 plus B//2O//3 pseudo ternary systems. (Author abstract) 9 Refs.

Haba, K. Watanabe, H. Iwase, M. Oh-uchi, H. Kawamura, K.