Phase relation and formation of sialons and oxynitride glasses

The region of alpha prime – and beta prime -sialons in the Si//3N//4- Yb//2O//3-AlN system, glass forming region in the Yb//2O//3-AlN-SiO//2 system, the phase relation of the quasiternary Si//3N//4-(Yb//2O//3)//0//.//4(AlN)//0//.//6- SiO//2 system, and properties of oxynitride glasses have been studied. The region of alpha prime – and beta prime -sialons had some width in the Si//3N//4-Yb//2O//3-AlN system. Lattice parameters of alpha prime – and beta prime -sialons increased with increasing amount of additives. The solubility of Si//3N//4 in the liquid of Yb//2O//3-AlN-SiO//2 system was small. The glass transition temperature, softening temperature and Vickers hardness of oxynitride glasses in the Yb//2O//3-AlN-SiO//2 system were measured as a function of composition. Yb-sialons were suggested to coexist with liquid phase at temperatures higher than about 1460 degree C. (Author abstract) 22 Refs.

Murakami, Yuichiro Akiyama, Katsunori Yamamoto, Hirokazu