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September 22, 2009

Optical, infrared and electrical conductivity of glasses in the TeO//2- B//2O//3 system

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Infrared (IR) and optical absorption spectra were measured in order to study the structure of some tellurite glasses containing boric oxide. The compositions (mol%) were (100-X) TeO//2, XB//2O//3 where X equals 5, 10, 20, 25, 30. The optical spectra were measured at room temperature in the wavelength range 350-450 nm, and the results show that the fundamental absorption edge is a function of composition, with the optical absorption due to indirect transitions. The optical band gap increases with increasing B//2O//3 content. The validity of the Urbach rule was investigated. The IR results prove the distribution of the TeO//4 polyhedra which determines the network and the basic oscillations of the building units in the tellurite glasses. The IR results also prove the distribution of the boroxal group. The electrical conductivity was measured as a function of temperature in the temperature range (300-573 K). Both the conductivity and activation energy were found to be a function of added oxide type. (Author abstract) 26 Refs.
Sabry, A.I. El-Samanoudy, M.M.

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